Only the brave will say
 why not?

Fruitful Veggie Fillings is Zeelandia's new range of innovative baking solutions that bring a unique sensory experience plants can offer in terms of flavours, colours and textures.

Bring colour on!

Fruitful veggie fillings comes in three delicious flavours that will spark your creativity to look beyond the ordinary. ​ All fillings are natural, vegan and with 70% of vegetables! They are bake-stable, so you can apply them in baking goods or use them to fill or decorate after baking pastries.

Discover and enrich your creativity with exciting plant flavour combinations you didn't think about!​

Although it seems unbelievable, the red bell pepper is a fantastic complement to your pastry creations. Surprise your customers with this new taste and texture. 

Beetroot... it can divide opinion. Bake it into your pastries and you will be stunned at how positively your customers react. 

Pumpkin has become a popular ingredient in pastry with its delicate sweet taste.

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